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Rainbow chrysanthemum is colorful, much beautiful than ordinary chrysanthemum.
People planted it in the garden, creating a colorful world.
All you need just a rainbow chrysanthemum to own a coloful garden.
Most beautiful chrysanthemum in the world.

Specification :
Color : Rainbow color (Red orange yellow green green blue purple)
Function : Beautifying
Cultivating Difficulty Degree : Very Easy

Influenced by the sun, it seems that every flower blossoms beyond the sun; the buds that remain closed in the morning gradually open until the sun is getting stronger at 10:00 a.m., and the smiles are fully unfolded in the afternoon; and at sunset and dusk, when the sun is obscured and automatically closes, wait for the next day when the sun calls. If the days are cloudy and rainy, the sun will not see the sun, and the flowers will be depressed.

Breeding method:
Rainbow chrysanthemum is native to Africa. In order to adapt to the local climate, it has grown thick and thick stems and leaves containing juice and has strong drought tolerance. Therefore, even if it is planted in China, the environment it likes is similar to that of South Africa. It is also very suitable for long soil. It does not like the soil with more water and fertilizer, but it is suitable for the kind of poorly drained sand. It is jealous of moist soil, the cultivation area is most likely to be wet or poorly drained, otherwise it will not be harmed by snails, but it will also rot because of too much water. The choice of venue. This kind of plant is most suitable for planting in flower beds, planted in pieces, and can also be used as a dotted growth in small places where lawns, stones, and equiangular corners fall

Package included :
1 x 20Pcs Rainbow Chrysanthemum Seeds

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