Mini Rechargeable Keyboard Dust Car Vacuum Cleaner




★Powerful Suction: Rechargeable vacuum cleaner with 2000mAh Li-battery provides powerful suction, cleaning dust, hairs, crumbs, scraps for laptop, mechanical keyboard, piano, makeup bag, car, pet house.

★Cordless and Rechargeable: Cordless keyboard cleaner with rechargeable Li-battery, be free to use it everywhere after 200 minutes charging.

★2 Vacuum Nozzles: 2 different vacuum nozzles allow you to reach the tightest spaces; Flat nozzle can inhale little pieces of paper while brush nozzle can dry ash and dust.

★Filter Media: Providing an effective filter system, you can just open the dust collector and take the filter net out. And the filter media can be washed clean with fresh water, then be reused.

Material: ABS
Color: Black
Noise: ≤75dB
Voltage: DC 5V
Current: 1000mA
Rated Power: 8W
Size: 209*137*60mm
Cable Length: about 1m(39.3 in)
Power Supply: 2000mAh Li-battery

Package Included:
1 x vacuum cleaner handle (built-in Li-battery)
1 x brush nozzle
1 x flat suction nozzle
1 x sponge filter


➽1. Please charge the vacuum for 4-5 hours before you use it. The suction will get weak when the electricity is insufficient. So you should charge the vacuum again. You should check whether the entry is block and the mesh filter is full of dirt at the same time.

➽2. Clean the mesh filter at least one time per month, it must be cleaned immediately if there is too much dirty.

➽3. The cleaner may be a little noisy in a quiet environment(it is just a little louder than the sound of normal talking, no harm to hear.).If you mind the noise, please buy it carefully.

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